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Processing Timeline


Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter

  • Visit Education Benefits: Apply & Manage Yours for instructions
  • Certificate of Eligibility arrives by mail to the student's home
  • Processing Time: Allow 30-45 days
  • Frequency: Once
  • Deadline: No deadline but recommend 60-90 days before school starts.
Military residency

Resident Tuition - Military Residency

  • Students coded as Resident in myWSU do not need to apply for residency. How to find your residency status.
  • Non-Resident students must apply for resident tuition using the Military Residency form. You will need your COE.
  • Processing Time: Allow 10 business days
  • Frequency: One time process, as long as you are continuously enrolled. 
  • Deadline: Last day of instruction for the term.

Enrollment Certification Request (ECR)

  • Step 1: Student registers for classes. New students will do this while attending New Coug Orientation.
  • Step 2: Student completes Enrollment Certification Request.
  • Student is responsible for reporting course changes via a CHANGE ECR.
  • Processing Time: depends on the student
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline: recommend completing as soon as registered for classes.
3 Advisor Approves

Academic Advisor approval

  • Advisor approves class list as reported on ECR
  • Reminders to Advisor & Student: Every Wednesday until Advisor approves, denies, or requests a revision to the ECR.
  • Timing: The Advisor should respond within 5-7 business days. If not, the student should contact the Advisor to check progress.
  • Processing Time - Advisor: Allow 5-7 business days. After that time, the student should contact the Advisor to check progress.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline:

VMASS Certifies to VA

  • Processing Time: Allow 10+ business days. The VMASS office supports 1100+ students who must be individually processed.
  • Chapter 33 Students: Tuition is reported AFTER the add date. This reduces VA debt if changes are made to the course schedule.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline: We can go back one academic year.

Payment Processing

  • Federal Financial Aid will always apply towards tuition first.
  • Processing Time - VA: Allow 90 days after tuition is reported.
  • Processing Time - Treasury: From VA to US Treasury up to 20 days AFTER the VA releases payment for the treasury to send payment to WSU.
  • Processing Time - WSU Bursar: Allow 15-21 business days for WSU to batch & post VA payments to student accounts.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
Pullman Veterans & Military Affiliated Student Services