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Processing Timeline


Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter

  • Visit Education Benefits: Apply & Manage Yours for instructions
  • Certificate of Eligibility arrives by mail to the student's home
  • Processing Time: Allow 30-45 days
  • Frequency: Once
  • Deadline: No deadline but recommend 60-90 days before school starts.
Military residency

Resident Tuition - Military Residency

  • Students coded as Resident in myWSU do not need to apply for residency. How to find your residency status.
  • Non-Resident students must apply for resident tuition using the Military Residency form. You will need your COE.
  • Processing Time: Allow 10 business days
  • Frequency: One time process, as long as you are continuously enrolled. 
  • Deadline: Last day of instruction for the term.

Enrollment Certification Request (ECR)

  • Step 1: Student registers for classes. New students will do this while attending New Coug Orientation.
  • Step 2: Student completes Enrollment Certification Request.
  • Student is responsible for reporting course changes via a CHANGE ECR.
  • Processing Time: depends on the student
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline: recommend completing as soon as registered for classes.
3 Advisor Approves

Academic Advisor approval

  • Advisor approves class list as reported on ECR
  • Reminders to Advisor & Student: Every Wednesday until Advisor approves, denies, or requests a revision to the ECR.
  • Timing: The Advisor should respond within 5-7 business days. If not, the student should contact the Advisor to check progress.
  • Processing Time - Advisor: Allow 5-7 business days. After that time, the student should contact the Advisor to check progress.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline:

VMASS Certifies to VA

  • Processing Time: Allow 10+ business days. The VMASS office supports 1100+ students who must be individually processed.
  • Chapter 33 Students: Tuition is reported AFTER the add date. This reduces VA debt if changes are made to the course schedule.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • Deadline: We can go back one academic year.

Payment Processing

  • Federal Financial Aid will always apply towards tuition first.
  • Processing Time - VA: Allow 90 days after tuition is reported.
  • Processing Time - Treasury: From VA to US Treasury up to 20 days AFTER the VA releases payment for the treasury to send payment to WSU.
  • Processing Time - WSU Bursar: Allow 15-21 business days for WSU to batch & post VA payments to student accounts.
  • Frequency: Each semester.
  • In accordance with 38 USC 3679(e), the school will not delay or deny access on the basis of a pending payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for any Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 student. What does this mean? Student may continue to attend and register while the institution awaits payment from DVA. Students will have full access to all resources and facilities. Late penalties are either blocked or removed upon payment from the VA or guarantees being posted to student accounts.



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