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Tuition Assistance

Students using State or Federal Tuition Assistance must report their forms here so that VMASS and the Bursar can ensure proper processing and posting of funds to student accounts.

KNOWN ISSUE:  FY 24 Active and Guard invoicing Issues.

We are aware of an Army backend-finance issue that is disallowing invoices for FY24 enrollments for the Guard and Active Duty. We do not have an ETA when the Army glitch will be resolved.  We will update you as soon as possible.

IAW with our DoD MOU

Students using Federal Tuition Assistance, regardless of which branch, are required to receive approval for tuition assistance from their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor with Military Services, prior to enrolling in the course that the tuition assistance will be applied. There may be occasions when a student is waitlisted or is having enrollment issues, if that is the case please contact the ESO or VMASS staff for assistance.

Tuition Assistance Tutorials

See these attached helpful Fed TA flyers with information on how and where to get started with ArmyIgnitED 2.0 plus a specific tutorial on how to create a Fed TA request.

Army IgnitED - Evaluated Degree Plans LIVE 1 August 2023

Beginning 1 August 2023, soldiers using Tuition Assistance (TA) are required to provide an Evaluated Degree Plan (EDP) prior to completion of two courses.  Be mindful, two courses regardless of credit count is new to Army as we previously used 6 SHs as the catalyst for a Student Degree Plan.

Army IgnitED Tuition Assistance FY23 Closeout

Effective 8 September 2023, Soldiers will no longer be able to request TA for future dated FY23 courses in ArmyIgnitED. Click on the link to the official announcement for more information.

Army IgnitED: How to Verify You Have Approved TA/Processing drops

The student logs into ArmyIgnitEd, clicks FUNDING REQUESTS.  If there are no requests present, then the student does not have approved TA.

Sometimes students think they are approved for funding after getting their education goal approved.  But the Ed Goal is just one step in the process. After Ed Goal creation the SM must login and create a request for their class or classes.

If the student puts all classes on the same request, the system cannot auto-approve the request(s) which delays approval because the system flags the student for an “overload” of classes.  The other thing putting all classes on a single request does, is prevent you from processing drops in the AIportal.


  • Email VMASS
  • WSU VMASS Center
  • Holland Library, Room 120BA
  • (509) 335-1234 or (509) 335-1857


Tuition Assistance
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