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Resident Tuition for Military Affiliated Students

Residency-eligible students receive the resident tuition, though are considered non-resident students for other purposes. Do not be alarmed to see that your resident status is coded as Non-Resident and initially displays the Non-Resident Cost of Attendance. The amount will update when the tuition bills are posted. How to view your residency status. How to apply for full Washington residency.

Senate Bill 5874 updates eligibility

Senate Bill 5874 goes into effect 6/9/22 updating RCW 28B.15.012. This bill goes above and beyond federal laws by making any student who is eligible for VA educational assistance or rehabilitation benefits a Washington resident student. It also adds new ways to be a Washington resident for certain active-duty military, veterans, and dependents.

Residency-eligible military-affiliated students pay resident tuition and fees at all public colleges and universities in Washington. Additionally, they meet the residency requirements for Passport to Careers, State Work Study, the American Indian Endowed Scholarship, and the National Guard Postsecondary Education Grant. Students must also meet program requirements.

Students eligible for resident tuition

Military-affiliated Students

Starting June 9, 2022, anyone eligible for VA educational assistance or rehabilitation benefits is a Washington resident for tuition and fee purposes.

Military-affiliated students qualifying for eligible benefits

VA educational assistance or rehabilitation eligible benefits list

Who has increased eligibility after June 9, 2022?

Other Students eligible for resident tuition

Current military members

Military veterans

Military dependents

Military Resident Tuition Application

Open the application form to apply for resident tuition and view the required documents list. Applications are accepted for the current term through the last day of the term.

Residency & State Aid

Uniformed Services defined

Military dependents defined

Senate Bill 5874 excerpts

HR 7105 (effective 8/1/21)

Documentation needed

VA Education & Training Benefits

Information about education and training benefits on the VA website

Residency for Tuition Purposes
WSU Veterans & Military Affiliated Students