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Been Recalled

WSU Office of Veterans Affairs

The following information is important to know if you have been recalled back to active duty status:

Items to submit to the VA Office:

  • A copy of your orders or a letter from your Commanding Officer. This can be faxed or e-mailed to the VA [Fax: (509) 335‑9429] [].
  • The DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) will restore entitlement for Chapters 30, 33, 1606, and 1607.
  • The DVA will cancel benefits under mitigating circumstances** (advance pay will not be recovered by VA UNLESS IT IS RECEIVED JUST PRIOR TO ACTIVATION),
  • The DVA will suspend collection of overpay (if student was already in overpay prior to recall), and will pick up when you return to school.
  • A student called to active duty is automatically considered to have mitigating circumstances.  Benefits are terminated date of last attendance.

Other pertinent information:

Documentation from Student

Copy of orders or letter form Commanding Officer presented to the Veterans Affairs Office

Duty requirements

Students called into military service of the U.S. due to a national emergency are eligible. The policy does not apply to regular national guard or reserve duty or to annual active-duty requirements.

Eligible Students

Enrolled students called into U.S. military service due to a national emergency are eligible. Students who enlist or are inducted into the military during a national emergency are also eligible.


  • Enrollment cancelled with completion of Cancellation of Enrollment form in the WSU Registrar's Office or through myWSU with the notation of “Withdrew due to military activation” entered on student record. Only “Withdraw plus date” will appear on transcript.
  • If wish to remain enrolled, must clear with all instructors.

Refund of Fees

  • No Tuition fees and no cancellation fees charged to student with documentation from WSU Veterans Affairs Office.
  • Student Health & Wellness Fees: If health services unused -  full refund.
  • Parking Permit may be returned for a refund on unused portion (credited to student account or credit card).
  • Medical Insurance may be returned if cancellation done early enough in the semester.
  • Housing refund pro-rated based on date of cancellation.
  • Dining refund based on unused portion of dining allocation.


  • Complete withdrawal upon written request; or if wish to remain enrolled, must clear with all instructors
  • After 10th day must include supportive documentation (copy of military orders).


No grades given when student is withdrawing. Will show as normal withdrawal from school on transcript. If student and instructor agree, Incompletes may be given that will be finished at a later time. Keep in mind you an incomplete becomes an “F” if not completed within one calendar year.


Students called into military service of the U.S. due to a national emergency who are in their last semester before obtaining an undergraduate degree, may be eligible to receive their degree. These are reviewed on a case by case basis. If student dies during active duty, may be granted a posthumous degree.


  • Veterans who were absent just one semester (Fall or Spring) do not need to reapply. Veterans should contact their former academic advisor to plan the next steps. Veterans who were absent more than one semester must reapply as “Former Students”.
  • You will automatically be assigned a registration appointment for a "Former Student" so please contact the WSU Veterans Coordinatior to assign you to the appropriate category (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc).   Reassignment will allow you to participate in Priority Registration.

Financial Aid at Withdrawal

  • Use guidance of US Dept. of Education to:
    1. waive grant overpayment requirements
    2. grant forbearance for repayments of Perkins Loans
    The same standard is used for other, non-federal funds.
  • Any outstanding debt will be covered by grant money. If loans in place and student has received a check, FA will work to cover whatever has been used with grant money so no debt exists upon departure.
  • Veteran must notify lenders upon activation and furnish them with a copy of their orders so as not to be held for loan repayment while on active duty.

Financial Aid Upon Return (Includes Grants, Loans & Other Financial Aid)

  • Approve aid upon return based upon active duty status as an exception to the requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.
  • Work with appropriate lender/guarantee agencies to put loans back into deferment when return at least 1/2 time.


Scholarship reinstated after appeal process. If outside normal/automatic renewal time-frame student may lose eligibility (University Achievement Award, Cougar Achievement Award).


  • Students can terminate their university housing on-line at Housing, Dining, & Res. Life.
  • University Apartments/Housing : Notify Housing in Streit-Perham. Housing will work with the spouse of activated students to receive an “Exception” in order to remain in the apartment while spouse is on active duty. If active duty extends beyond an academic year, Housing will negotiate a reasonable time to move.
  • University Apartments/Housing will do all they can to help the men and women called to active duty.
  • Housing and Dining Services will pro-rate housing and dining cost and provide a refund if applicable.


Books in excellent condition will receive a full refund.


  • Parking will pro-rate parking permit.
  • Contact Parking Service directly for refund.
Been Recalled
WSU Office of Veterans Affairs