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Additional Non-Educational Benefits

1)      Reduced Hunting & Fishing licenses (WA Department of Fish & Wildlife)
a.       Eligibility
                                                               i.      United States Armed Forces Veteran, honorably discharged, Washington State resident 65 years of age or older, with a service connected disability; AND
                                                             ii.      Must provide an award letter or letter of certification from the VA or military service. A copy of Disabled Veterans Lifetime Pass Card acceptable; OR
                                                            iii.      Under the age of 65, with at least 30% service connected disability. 
Must provide an award letter from the VA or military service and proof of at least 30% service connected disability. A copy of Disabled Veterans Lifetime Pass Card acceptable.
2)      Free Washington State Parks pass (WA State Parks & Recreation)
a.       Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass - No Charge
                                                               i.      Free camping/moorage, campsite reservations through State Parks central reservations system, watercraft launching, trailer dump. Valid year-round. Offered to Washington state residents with a documented service-connected disability of at least 30 percent.
                                                             ii.      Proof of Disabled Veteran Status: A disability award letter, certification from the Department of Veterans Affairs or military service; a separation certificate or similar document on official letterhead stationery from the certifying agency, or have the pass application signed by the Department of Veterans Affairs or military service.
3)      Special License Plates (WA Department of Licensing)
a.       Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, and Coast Guard
                                                               i.      Slightly higher per year renewal costs.
b.      Free fees/plates for 100% disabled veterans
                                                               i.      To qualify for these special plates, applicants must have served in any branch of the armed forces of the United States, Reserves, or National Guard, and have received BOTH of the following:
1.       An honorable discharge or a discharge for physical reasons with an honorable record.
2.       A 100% service-connected disability rating from the Veterans Administration or the military service from which the veteran was discharged.
4)      County Veterans Assistance Fund
a.       County aid for veterans and indigent families of deceased veterans who have resided in Washington state for at least one year may be available.  Contact your County officials or local VA office for eligibility information.
Additional benefits to WA State disabled veterans:
1)       0%-20%
a.       Home loan guarantee fee exemption if in receipt of compensation.
b.      Access to the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program (restrictions apply).
c.       VA Medical treatment for priority group 3 through 7.
d.      Service Disabled Veterans Insurance.
e.      Ten point Civil Service Preference (must be in receipt of compensation).
f.        Clothing allowance for veterans who require prosthetic or orthopedic applications; or require special skin medications.
2)      10% or higher
a.       Auditory and Optical examinations along with hearing aid and eyeglasses are provided at NO COST to the veteran.
3)      30%-40% (in addition to the above)
a.       Additional allowance for dependents.
b.      Additional allowance for a spouse who is in a nursing home or physically helpless or blind (requiring assistance of another person).
c.       VA Medical treatment for priority group 2.
d.      Non-competitive Federal employment.
4)      50% (in addition to the above)
a.       Entitlement to VA Medical treatment for any condition except dental.
b.      Entitlement to VA Medical treatment for priority 1.
5)      60%-90% (in addition to the above)
a.       Increased compensation based on Individual Unemployability.
b.      VA Medical treatment for priority group 1.
6)      100% (in addition to the above)
a.       Dental treatment.
b.      Waiver of National Service Life Insurance premiums.
c.       VA Medical treatment for priority group 1.
d.      Veterans employment preference to spouse.
e.      Department of Defense Commissary Privileges.
7)      100% Total and Permanent (in addition to the above)
a.       Civilian Health and Medical Program for dependents and survivors.
b.      Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35).
c.       100% tuition waiver for any WA college or university for dependents and survivors.